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Unaccompanied Writers Club's Journal
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Friday, September 28th, 2007
9:16 pm
Meeting 2 Unaccompanied Song Writers
Sorry this is a little late guys.

Ok, so I left you all with homework, to find your top five favourite songs, so now it's time for you to tell me the list of your favourite songs! Then I'll take them info from flixster, and post all their songs here as well, in an EDIT!!!

Have fun! I'll be making a playlist with the most popular of the songs!!
Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
6:34 pm
Unaccompanied Writers Meeting 1
Ok, so it's a little early... but still...

Welcome Members of the Unaccompanied Writers!

The following have either signed up, or I put you in here, due to conversations we have that leads me to believe that THIS MEETING will be important.

Let us begin:

In an interview, which I sent EVERYONE, Natalia states they didn't take many risks.

For example, HER HAIR. Tonks' hair was purple because Pink was TOO CLOSE to Umbridge, and they didn't want that.

The next example is HER CLOTHES. Shes supposed to be punkish SO KEEP HER LIKE THAT. Gah, I mean, seriously

At the beginning I really looked like a punk … and they kind of toned (it) down a bit. And I wasn’t happy with that because in my mind I was thinking “You know what, that’s not what kids are going to expect.”
says Nat.

And I didn't notice it until now, but she's right. And I think she should be more punkish. I'm happy that they are keeping her depressed and won't be "Too careful" to do that.

And also BLACK hair?? That's what she said but that could just be because it was translated... but um... I'm hoping they keep it the same color this time.... But that just agrivates me..... I don't know why... but I find it amazing..

and then when asked

Q: While Tonks at first seems like a rebellious and carefree witch, readers learn she is very smart and talented. Do you identify with her?

Nat replys

A: Oh yeah, absolutely, mate. People always think I’m just kind of silly and stupid, a bit wild and uncontrollable but when it comes down to it, I can focus and be like her.

Now I'm obsessing again when I say it would be cool to meet her!!

She said in one interview that she was going to play Tonks again! She should start filming in november or december or something. I hope she's back for seven.

I'm happy that she loves the 3 and 6 books, because that menas a lot! Because Tonks gets depressed, but what made me mad was that she thought Tonks was going to die in book 7 early or kill Bellatrix.

And for my friend Lily, you know why I hate my name. haha!

**clears throat but not like Umbridge**

sorry about that.

Now, I'm sorry this is mostly about Tonks. I just.....

So, Tena is not going to the comic con anymore.


Next weeks meeting will be about the rest of Harry Potter. Take note that if something like this happens and I obsess about someone or soemthing like this, be ready because it does happen.

Don't forget to find your favourite songs!!!

Have a nice day! I'm happpy!

And someone who knows Spanish could you please decode this interview for me?!?!?!

11:22 am
The Unaccompanied Writers Club
Well, here it is. I've finally got to making a LJ community for it! It's lots of fun! Members will be posted, feel free to join, just comment!!!

Here we will vote on things like favourite songs and books, talk about Harry Potter, and make icons and graphics and such!!!

I have a lot on my profile, and I love Tonks! and Luna! Our first order will be to collect our favourite songs!!! Then I'll make a song list! So have fun! Please join!!

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